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What’s a LEMP stack?

LEMP is a variation of the ubiquitous LAMP stack used for developing and deploying web applications. Traditionally, LAMP consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Due to its modular nature, the components can easily be swapped out. With LEMP, Apache is replaced with the lightweight yet powerful Nginx.

Why LEMP instead of LNMP?

We go with LEMP due to the pronunciation for Nginx: Engine-X (en-juhn-ecks). Think of how in English, the article an is used instead of a for hour even though it begins with a consonant. The importance is the sound of the first letter rather than its written representation. Besides, LEMP is actually pronounceable and doesn’t sound like reciting the alphabet.

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lemp.io is a project to compile some of the best resources and guides on installing, configuring, and using LEMP stacks and their components.

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An open source Unix-like operating system provides the base for the stack components. Many distributions include package management systems that make installing the desired applications easy. However, these repository versions will generally not be the most current. Two of the most commonly used Linux distributions in LEMP stacks are Debian and Ubuntu.


Nginx is an open source reverse proxy server for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. It also functions as a load balancer, HTTP cache, and web server (origin server). It has a strong focus on high concurrency, high performance and low memory usage. The HTML5 Boilerplate project has sample server configuration files to improve performance and security.


MySQL is the second most widely used open source relational database management system. A community-developed fork, MariaDB, is led by the original developers. It aims to be a drop-in replacement.


PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. The scripting role can also be filled with Python or Perl. Servers such as Gunicorn or uWSGI can be used in conjunction with Nginx to serve these applications.

Videomate App For All Your Video And Audio Needs

The video downloader app helps in making the videos to download easily. It is a one-stop app that can is used for downloading the HD quality videos and audio files. It also helps in managing the files of your phone easily. There are video streaming sites where you can visit the site online and enjoy watching. The device helps in downloading the movies in a single click. This app is very popular and is used by millions of users all over the world. The videomate apps are very useful in downloading videos from various streaming sites.

Features of Videomate apps

The Videomate apps help in providing all the services needed by the users. It is very much useful for rental owners and DVD owners. It helps in providing easy download steps to get the videos on your device. Following are the other features of using Videomate apps.

  • Free download: The Videomate apps are free to download and install on your device. You can also use the app for downloading the available videos. There is no need to pay anything for downloading videos and movies. Once the videos are downloaded, you do not have to make your data on to watch the videos.

  • Offline share: You can share the videos downloaded for free with your friends and family. Suppose you come across a funny or a nice video you can easily share with your family members. The sharing option helps to share it with top sharing software embedded inside the software of this Videomate app.

  • Easy interface: The Videomate app has been developed using an easy interface. It helps with the users to access the apps easily. The Videomate app helps in making the interface so easy and access every other option. The Videomate apps help in making the users download the streaming videos online with a few simple steps.

  • Payments features: The apps have a payment feature that helps to make any payments for different taxes, fee, and other payments. The monthly membership and other payment facilities are available that helps to make many kinds of payments easily.

  • Membership and other features: There are many other features like password protection, custom images, messaging platform, membership codes, bar codes, tracking deliveries, etc. The file backup features help to back up the important files and others. It helps us to recover the data easily even when the files on storage memory are lost.

Download Videos From Any Platform With Videomate Apps

The apps that are available in the market come with prime usage to make our work easier. An application means that your work is done without any prior complexity. You surf through many videos over the social network, but the facility to watch them offline is provided by a very few of them. Or in case some of them avail you with this, you can watch them only with the app and not your phone. However, apps have made this work easier; Videomate apps can help you with this.

How can you download videos?

You can download the Videomate app, a downloader application to help you download the videos into your phones. This app opens up the amazing world of funny, thrilling and other various videos and you can download them into your phone. But the app is not limited to the video downloading, but it offers many other features.

What are its various features?

There are various interesting features of the Videomate app, some of which are listed below:

  • Compress the video: You can use the videomate app to compress the video into a smaller size. Also, you can use this downloader app to trim the video as well. There is no need for additional third-party apps to trim or compress the video. Select the part of the videos you want and split it with your needs.

  • Convert Videos to audios: Do you need just the audio part from a video? No need to use any other app. You can do that on the same platform where you downloaded the video. Or even a better idea is to download the video in the audio form using Videomate apps.

  • Convert files: You can potentially use the app to convert the files into MP4, AVI, FLV form. There is often the need to download the videos in a particular format to make it high-quality with your player. Videomate can help you to convert files in the form you want.

  • Free download for YouTube Videos: YouTube is among the biggest platform that offers you video content related to any field. But the bad part is you are supposed to waste your data every time you watch the video. With Videomate, you have access to download all the YouTube videos and that too free of cost.

How to install this multi-feature package?

You can install the Videomate apps easily after downloading its APK file. You are now just required to provide the permission it requires. Once you are done with all of this, you can install the app to your phone or device effortlessly. If you are short of time and have to pause what you are watching in between, can resume no problem later. To save your mobile data, choose to watch the videos in offline mode as well.

For fast internet connections, pause the video and watch it later. The requirement for video download holds quite an important place in counting the needs of users. The videos hold the entertainment, knowledge, fun and even other types which you can download up to your use. And if you are thinking about the cost of all this, it comes 100% free.

These are the features of Videomate apps that help in the user interface. The app has many other advantages, and it has many features like formats. The video format can be changed and downloaded depending on the different devices. The HD format is available, and you can download it with the format easily. The app is available for download, and you can easily download it. You can install the downloaded app, and you can use it for downloading offline.

The Act Of Quality Video Streaming With Vidmate

The need to be entertained constitutes as one of the necessities. Apart from watching movies and listening to some good music, the requirement of watching quality videos as well has been on a great rise. With the sustenance of most users who by far are count on applications for day to day activities, there are many video streaming applications available online that cater to the individual requirements of all. With that, one can get in touch with Vidmate, which is considered the all-new video streaming application. The app is superior and is diagnosed with many features that are to be explored one by one.

How far is the launch of Vidmate successful in the market?

With the competition on the rise about various video apps in the market, Vidmate has luckily been placed in one of the most successful positions ever. Instead of all the appreciation being showered the app, the app features are not just smart but quite in tune with the requirements of today’s youth. Accordingly, the makers have invested all the options to create the ultimate product of this video application today.

What are the most classic features of the application

Keeping up with the video application trend, today, the classic features of the app can be related to the various genres attached freely. In addition to providing good viewing options that include both normal mode and HD mode, the inbuilt system of it has been signed with Dolby music system with dual speakers, which keeps up to the sound level of the app in a larger way. Plus, the volume button has unique stabilizing qualities that let the earphone deal with better quality sound. Therefore, this can be counted to be one of the most suitable instances whereby the Vidmate app can be used for comfort.

How far is the new version of the application reacted to the compatibility level?

The Vidmate app has currently been updated, and the new version can be said to be more reliable in terms of its compatibility level. With all of the updates received, the noticeable difference can be seen in terms of the usage and downloading of the app in Microsoft Windows. This has brought forth the level of sustenance as all users can watch videos freely, not just in PCs and laptops but on Windows-operated smartphones.

How far is the video quality maintained?

In keeping up with the quality level of video streaming, one can likely stay that HD quality is maintained right from the very beginning. However, the settings option is there to privatize the entire streaming experience as well. Therefore, this has heightened the level of assurance for Vidmate and made it one of the best ranking applications of all. The influx of positive reviews is also to be noted down as well.

The A to Z guide of Vidmate, the features of the app, and how to install the app on your Android device

Watching content online is one of the preferable habits seen and observed. After all, it is the 21st century, where people love to spend time online. Internet use has been quite large in this era, and it is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that most of the results are beneficial, and the users get advanced with an improved lifestyle. Also, media consumption online is a big part of that. If you are someone who loves to watch media online and are looking for an all-in-one online media app for your android smartphone, you need to download and install the Vidmate app.

What is the app about, a brief idea

The app Vidmate is a very popular app among Android users. You can do and enjoy loads of media-related things in the app. If you love to watch videos and movies online, then this app is for you. You can even download the contents you like, which can’t be found in many apps available right now. This app has every solution to the media consumption done by a smartphone.

The features of the app

The app is loaded with tons of features and contents. All of the features are preferable and specially made for the users.

  • It is a very small size app, and it doesn’t take a lot of space after the installation.

  • You can watch Live TVs, movies, TV shows, TV series, videos and a lot of other contents. The library and the collection is huge, and you can stream all of the contents up to full HD resolution.

  • You can download the content you like. You can download contents with very high resolution (HD, Full HD). You can search for the content on the app and then download it. Or you can copy the link of the content, paste it on the search bar and download it. The downloading speed is very fast.

  • The developers always push updates of the app. So you can stay sure that the app will always have lesser bugs.

  • The app is safe and secure. It doesn’t contain or allow a virus, malware, spyware on the app, and the smartphone.

  • The user interface of the Vidmate app is quite simple and friendly. You will always get a lag-free experience using the app.

How to download the app on your smartphone

The app is meant for Android users only. But due to some copyright issues, it doesn’t become available on the official Android app store that is Google play store. But you can download it separately.

  • At first, try searching for the Vidmate apk download online.

  • Tons of results will be shown. Then download the apk from any of the websites.

  • After then go to your security settings and allow the unknown sources.

  • Then go to the apk, install it. It will take some seconds to be installed on your android device.

  • Turn off the unknown sources after the installation is finished.

This is it, and you are now ready to use the unlimited source of entertainment – Vidmate. Watch several contents and make sure a single day of yours doesn’t spend without fun and getting entertained.

Setting Entertainment Mood In A Digital Way Through Various Apps

Latest movies can be watched through the Vidmate app, one of the best video music downloaders meant for android-based devices. This app is indeed magical and explosive in its features as you may enjoy watching everything on YouTube, Dailymotion and so on. There are numerous movies in HD and shows too which you may watch for fun. 

This is a downloader which makes you have all sorts of videos and songs that are tough to find elsewhere. Vidmate is quite desirable owing to its features of acquiring as many movies as you want without paying up for anything. 

How efficient is this app? 

Vidmate is rated four on a scale of 5 and when it comes to the ease of watching movies and listening to your favourite videos songs. The trail does not stop there, you may watch TV as well, and a surprising feature of this app is that it lets you access Live TV as well. Being a free app, no need to pay when it comes to pricing. 

Check out the features of Vidmate.

You can enjoy watching your movies through an app equipped with superhot features that enable video streaming without buffering. Have a look at what does it have: 

  • Miraculously increases the downloading speed of videos 

  • Provides facility for resuming and pausing the videos at your disposal 

  • Supports files which are large in size and formats of MOV, WMV, MPEG, MP$ and so on 

  • Multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time 

  • No need to search across the web for the link to download as it automatically detects the link 

  • Videos can be deleted if your device lacks any storage space 

  • You may find videos and songs in all the regional languages 

  • If you are a sports enthusiast but lack time to watch sports videos, not to worry, you may download the recorded ones 

  • Many other TV channels can also be downloaded too 

Device requirements to run Vidmate

This app needs Android 2.2 or higher versions and has 5.04 MB size. 

USP of Vidmate

Different types of apps are available, but it really does not disappoint you at all when it comes to usage and utility of this app. Being a free video downloader, you don’t need to pay up for anything, and its availability on the iOS devices and PC makes it even more viable. In the recent survey, this has been indicated that this app is a fast downloader which enables you watching motion pictures in the way you like. Off late, many apps have emerged which have certainly boosted the way people keep themselves entertained. 

Kaspersky Virus Protection System

Kaspersky is one of the most popular names in the world of security software nowadays. It is because of its unmatched features and effectiveness. This particular type of antivirus software’s has gained immense popularity around the world. Alike any other antivirus company, Kaspersky is also providing great facilities to its customers through many numbers of products. Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet security and security suite are good examples of some security software products for computer users. They are vulnerable to all kinds of malicious activities that may affect you through online and offline transactions.


  • Kaspersky has provided its efficiency by gaining a huge population of satisfied customers worldwide. With over 98% of virus detection rate, it is undoubtedly one of the best security software options to date.

  • Kaspersky is one of the fastest-growing antivirus and internet security software worldwide.

  • As Kaspersky is in the market for a long time, they have learned the customers’ needs through their user experiences and feedback.


  • However, some factors may make some people avoid Kaspersky. The high price tags are one of the main negatives of the brand.

ZoneAlarm Virus Protection System

ZoneAlarm is also a similar kind of antivirus software that consists of good quality features to ensure your safety from scammers and hackers online and offline. When using ZoneAlarm, the user can improve his or her experiences by customizing the features accordingly. With a bundle of improved applications, it has some of the other new feature from Miracast streaming to the camera applications. You will find an improvement in each nook and side you look at. 


  • ZoneAlarm does not have much healthy customer database. Still, their features are unbeatable. 

  • The features and functions of the brand are exceptional, and when compared to the other brands, it will be costly. 

  • ZoneAlarm is a good option for anyone who needs good performing security software in an economic price tag.

  • You will be able to define the safety measures to suits your needs. By default, the security settings will be set to maximum levels to avoid getting affected by viruses. 


  • The settings may ask you for permission all time when a new application tries to access the internet or a local network through pop-ups

  • This virus protection is good but for average users 

The general aspects of these software’s are the same. However, there are both pros and cons for every product available in the market. In short, Kaspersky is good for anyone who needs super security software with topmost safety features, whereas ZoneAlarm is good enough for only an average user. It is also the fact that ZoneAlarm is a subsidiary of the popular Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. It is clear that Kaspersky is the best options when considering the above mention factors. For those who need a security solution with exceptionally effective virus protection and safety backup Kaspersky will be a huge asset.        

You can download the app and enjoy what you like, which actually makes you have the best kind of visual treat you wish to have. Vidmate is perfect for watching the latest movies and TV shows which actually justifies getting digitally full always. This app is fast and has many features that can set your mood right, so watch the movies through this superfast app. 

Dive Into An Amazing World Of Video Streaming At The Interface Of the Vidmate App!

The growing use of smartphones and the platform of Android have created a need for web optimization to intensify the search of the user and improve the android experience of users. With more people interested in downloading free applications that could provide entertainment content, VidMate has gained popularity among Android users and is also available for other platforms via its apk version.
There is an endless number of websites that offer you to download this amazing application on your phone; however, some unsecured platforms could put you at risk of malicious threats and viruses. Make sure whenever you decide to install VidMate apps, you do it from a reliable source avoiding risks and threats.

Getting familiar with “VidMate Application”

  • Precisely speaking, VidMate is more like a video search engine that lets you access video content within a single click. Listing down results in varied formats and resolutions, you can find the most favorable video available for download.
  • While there are many alternatives available today that open a world of live video streaming for users, there are some drool-worthy features that make VidMate outshine and create a place for itself!
  • Offering aggregate links to videos in one place, the user can instantly choose the video without the need to search them individually across all platforms. Further, this takes away the need to download multiple applications or software from different sources.

The application has just crossed about 500000+ million downloads on Android it shared a rating of 4.2 at the Android stage. Also, its normal updates and bug fixes offer a very issue-free admittance to rich sight and sound substance and is certainly an astounding decision for all cell phone clients out there searching for some agreeable video real-time and download insight without going through weighty measures of cash.

Other VidMate App Highlights 

Brand new and intuitive UI for clients 

Let’s you send out, download, and share recordings in HD quality from your android cell phone or other upheld gadgets 

Connects with its in-house local area of clients which is useful in the Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia and the United States.

Downloading the VidMate Application

Though the application is not available at the Google play store, it can be downloaded for the android platform via its portable apk version. The application would then be like a powerhouse of the app once download from accessing HD videos and music to the latest tracks added. Moreover, offering low resolution, data saver options

Any mobile application’s success is not a matter of hype or popularity but simply its relevance to users. While some applications become popular in no time, others have to be patient enough to receive positive customer reception. The simplicity and rich user interface are vital to garner the users’ attention, which then stays for longer rating high on popularity charts. And realizing these must to have essentials; VidMate has surely all the elements that make it one of the promising video applications for smartphone users!

Best Video App for Android

Watch your favorite videos on your android phone.

You can watch your favorite videos or movies on the internet, but there are very limited websites that have movies of your choice. It might be possible that you don’t get the link for watching your favorite movie on the internet. In that case, you need to have an entertainment app that contains movies that you can watch anytime. But you may need to spend some money to watch your favorite movie.

There are many free video apps for Android that allow you to watch unlimited movies. Vidmate is one such app that provides you with thousands of videos and the latest songs that you can watch with your family and friends anytime. The app is compatible with all android devices, and you can watch it on your android phone. All you need to do is download the app, and then, you can start watching your favorite movies. A few video streaming apps also let you watch live stream videos, but, in return, you need to spend some amount of money for the membership. The best part of using Vidmate for movies is that you get many options for the videos. 

  • By using the app, you can watch videos of all categories and that too in HD. The app doesn’t occupy a lot of memory on your phone and consumes a small memory. 

  • The app is very user-friendly, and you won’t find it hard to search for videos. It is very easy to operate, and you can easily search for your favorite videos on this app. You can also share the videos with your friends with just one click. 

  • The app allows you to share the best videos with your friends for free. Moreover, you can search the videos based on language and organize your videos on your favorite playlist as well. You can also make bookmarks for your favorite videos and watch them again and again.

A few video streaming apps also let you watch live stream videos, but, in return, you need to spend some amount of money for the membership. The best part of using our app is that you get a lot of options for the videos. By using the app, you can watch videos of all categories and that too in HD. The app doesn’t occupy a lot of memory on your phone and consumes a small memory. The app is very user-friendly, and you won’t find it hard to search for videos. It is very easy to operate, and you can easily search for your favorite videos on this app. You can also share the videos with your friends with just one click. 

The app allows you to share the best videos with your friends for free. Moreover, you can search the videos based on language and organize your videos on your favorite playlist. You can also make bookmarks for your favorite videos and watch them again and again.