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The WhatsApp plus is indeed the best thing that you get installed on your phone, and there are ways to enhance your internet journey through WhatsApp plus for android, windows, pc which can land you at a place where you always desired for hitting the right note with your friends through endless chatting sessions. This app is secure and makes you have the best kind of benefits that you always desired for. Features of this app are amazing. You will love it for many reasons, including its ability to provide you encrypted form of communication that is tough to be decoded. Setting up WhatsApp on your phone is easier too as you just have to launch the Settings app from the home screen of your phone and swipe down and after that, you are probably ready with the setup. But before that, tap on messages and send and receive, afterwards, add another mail, this keeps on happening the way you like. Let us discuss it in detail.

What else will you love about this app?

Many features of this app will make you fall in love, including it being free from and messy bugs that often prove to be a painful experience for your friends. There are many safety features as well, which make communication a delightful experience. Talking about its creation, it was developed by a Spanish developer, Rafalete in the year 2012. It is the free app which enables a seamless communication to you, and there is no need to install any additional feature which can come out to be a troublesome experience for you. Being an easy app, you will find no problem installing it on your phone, making it a truly desirable app that keeps communication possible in a a very convenient manner.

What are the other names for this app?

Whatsapp plus is also known as WhatsApp plus Holo or WhatsApp +.

What’s new in this app?

There are many reasons for choosing this app, including the fact that themes and designs you may reach out for and more than that, WhatsApp plus always comes out to be quite colourful, which eventually makes things easier when talking with the people you love.
Themes installed in the phone come for free and for this reason, many users have loved it in a way like never before. You will get more enthusiastically inclined to use it if you seek for changing the background for the app, which enables the communication smooth and without any harm.
There are some striking features of this app which makes it highly worthy of getting into your device, including the servers which don’t get banned at all. Using the older version may have some restrictions like you can’t change the theme of your tool, and for that reason, WhatsApp plus has a greater scope as this involves changing the theme as well as the background.
Restriction on the size of files which can be sent through WhatsApp may seem to be troublesome, but this version has to offer loads of scope like you can send the audio files of up to 50 MB in size. In fact, through the official version of the app, sending the files up to 16 MB is quite tricky, which can lead to the problems if some important file is to be sent.

Creating an account at the IMO Platform

Downloading the application from respective app stores and installing it, is something all smartphone users can do. Hence we would not be covering that part!
Jailbreak is another term used for rooting. It’s not the literal meaning though, here it is a mean where we unlock our phone’s OS and customizing everything in it to our benefit. For example, the installation of unapproved apps and deleting unwanted bloatware. One such app, which is an expert in rooting is ‘iRoot APK ‘.

iRoot APK: It was previously called vRoot. It’s an app created by Shenzhen. It is considered as a powerful application, which is used in the rooting Android devices with the help of Windows computer within a click.


  • Installer: To use any application we have to first install it

  • One-click root: Now you can root your Smartphone just with a click. The following procedure is simple, after launching the application connect your device to your computer and with the click of the root button you can root your device

  • Recovery Mode: In case you find it hard to root your device from normal mode then don’t panic you can automatically reboot your phone and from the Recovery Mode try to root

  • Extra Features: iRoot will on its own do the installation of system cleaner when you try to root your Smartphone. System Cleaner is a Chinese app store, we all like and dislike Chinese items, but this can be removed from your device later if you want to

Points to be mindful of

  1. The app does not require any special guidelines in the rooting of your device. The instructions are simple, having downloaded the app install it then open it and connect it your device and follow it by clicking root.

  2. You can also unroot your device. To unroot, your device should have been rooted in Kingroot application. Then the next step includes uninstalling the Kingroot and Kingmaster application from your Smartphone. Then go into the Kinguser application. Follow it by opening the settings in that application and choose the root authorization and then click remove and finally you can unroot it by the click on the clear option.

  3. If you are not availed with the facility of having a computer but badly want to root your only Android device try iRoot Mobile application.

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