Imo Download Apk And Features In The New Upgraded Version

Imo is a popular android and IOS video calling application that earlier started as a messaging app but soon upgraded to video calling feature. It’s an alternative to a famous video calling app Skype that lets users from different parts of the world communicate on a live video chat. 

Imo has attained more popularity than skype with mobile users. Being skype is better when you have to talk to someone on desktop, but IMO has the upper edge when it comes to mobile phones. It runs on 3G,4G and wifi. Let us discuss the features and advantages of using this app.

The upgraded version

The new version of IMO retaining the previous features has included extra new features in it. For instance, the latest upgraded version of the IMO still allows the users to sign in to multiple services. It still supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Jabber, MSN, skype, steam yahoo etc. simultaneously. The only disappointment to users here is that the IMO’s new version also doesn’t provide the users with the feature to merge the contacts. 

  • Improvised group chat- Coming to the upgraded features, IMO’s chat feature has been worked upon and improvised tremendously. The new version is nicely integrated, and it is very easy to use. It allows users to create group chats and manage colleagues. IMO app has eased the features so that one easily accesses the features on a live chat. But there’s also a crack here. To join in a group chat, all your group mates will have to switch over to IMO app only. They cannot do so by choosing a messenger of their own choices.

  • User interface- kudos to the new and easy user interface of the IMO application, which lets the users pop the application into a smaller and manageable window. It’s a thin user interface and perhaps the best one. You will be surprised to know that it looks like an AOL’S AIM or Cerulean Studios when popped into a smaller video. It also allows keeping the windows app small when the user sees contacts, messages or working on a spreadsheet.

  • New IMO network- the makers are betting heavily on the new IMO network that establishes smooth and without disruption connection between the users and lets, people know your broadcasting message. It also lets the new imp users search their friends easily. According to the developers, the new IMO network is real time-sharing, which lets you connect easily with people in the world. The new IMO network sports the broadcasting feature to post their content and let the world know about it. The app’s page’s left channel is dedicated to the network, which you can also change.

IMO Online: The Exciting Gateway To The World Of Messaging And Fun!!

Are you bored of the regular texting applications and are looking out for something new? While there is no shortage of text, video and chatting applications for Android, iOS and WindowsWindows platform, a few have managed to receive positive customer reception! Yes, one such multi-utility application, that we are going to talk of is IMO online!

Also available at the Android, iOS and Windows platform, chatting becomes way easy through the multi-utility IMO messaging application. With a whopping range of 275 million users, this application has gained immense popularity and acclaim in the world of social media and digital technology.

Offering some multifarious and rich features, you can stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues by just signing up using your phone number. Moreover, the IMO application lets you sent invitation links to contacts that aren’t on the platform to expand your social circle.

Getting familiar with promising IMO Features!

Apart from the regular massaging features, IMO seems to be promising as it comes with some drool-worthy features with a few 5.3 MB sizes! Let’s look at them one by one:

  • There are many options to customise your chat interface by choosing a variety of colours and features; you can also choose specific sounds for custom notifications coming from a particular friend.

  • Group chat and group video chatting make it easy to conduct your friend’s sessions at the IMO platform.

  • Being a lightweight application, it does not come with a high dose of memory space for your smartphone. Rather with a user-friendly interface and small size, it runs flawlessly on your smartphone.

  • There is a whopping collection of about 1200 stickers representing your every emotion. When you are bored of words, use them to make your chats interesting!

  • Some stringent features help you manage your privacy by controlling what part of profile you want to make visible to public and friends. You can also completely block a person from contacting you at IMO if the person seems to be troubling you.

Pros of using the IMO Application

  • Let’s you conduct smooth video and voice calls

  • Being light in weight does not affect your device performance

  • Group chat and call feature is available

  • Interactive and user-friendly interface

  • More than 1K stickers to influence your chat

Cons of the IMO Application

  • Requires multiple users for the video chat feature

Addition of more advanced features like bookmarking text, starred messages, previews of link sent would make the application more user-friendly and exciting. With a high number of positive customer reviews and good online ratings, it is one of the most “socialised apps” trending in the android and iOS app market. Yet, available for a few MBs with some resourceful functionality, the IMO application is a promising choice for users looking for something decent without compromising the device storage!

All these features, especially the new IMO network feature, are new inclusions in the application, which are getting good responses according to user reviews. Since it is a messaging app, incorporating the broadcast feature went very well with the users. Moreover, the new clean and thin user interface also brought many positive reviews from the customers.

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