Popular FAQs On B612 free download and the filters available What is B612?

B612 is one of the most popularly used image-based applications on the market for quite some time now. This app provides you with an improved camera output and adds exciting features like it will add stickers to your photo so that you can take varied types of a photograph or even distort your face to make different outputs. Thus, if you have been looking for applications where you can take modified photos or improve your phone camera’s beautification, you should try out B612.

B612 is a very popular camera app that is used to click and edit photos on smartphones. It provides a specialized selfie camera mode that helps users to get quality selfie pics. b612 app provides a complete package of photography, and hence it is one of the most downloaded apps in the camera app category. The app gives all the required features even for professionals, and normal users are more than happy with the features. That’s why the app has gained so much popularity and great reviews in the play store. Let us discuss it in detail.

How to download the b612 app?

B612 free download process is very simple and one-click based. If you are an android user, you just need to go to the official play store and search for b612 in the top. To install just click on the install button and the rest will follow. Windows or iOS users have to go to their official app store and do the same process. The app has got over 100 million downloads with a great review. Over 5 million users have reviewed the app till now, and the overall rating is 4.4 out of 5, which shows the kind of feature the app is providing is just what users were in need and users are fully satisfied with the app.

What are the features of B612 app?

Earlier B612 had only camera features with some predefined filter. After that, with some updates, it has become an all-rounder app that provides many attractive features. Now it’s not limited with the camera only, along with that it has live video editing filter, options of adding music into the selfie video. Along with all these users can have a variety of stickers and clip art into their pics. Many filters such as beard, women, baby, dog etc. which can add to live pictures. Beauty face option is also available that make person’s face much bright and toned. The best part is despite providing so many features in one app, and the app is completely free of cost.

What is the use of touch mode in the b612 app?

By enabling the touch mode user can take selfies or photos by tapping anywhere in the screen, It enables the feature of one-click selfie-and user can click the photo as per their comfort position handling of the phone.

What is the use of hands-free mode in the b612 app?

The hands-free mode is a special feature of the app which enables the user to take long videos without continuously pressing the click key. We know the struggle of taking selfie video where we need to keep press the camera button until the video gets over. To overcome this, b612 provides a hands-free mode that can enable changing the mode setting in the app setting.

Is B612 freely available in official app stores?

Yes, B612 is freely available across several different official app stores like Google play store or even Apple. This is an official app that can be downloaded from your platform’s app store and thus poses no threat to your device. It is always advisable that you download apps from the official sites.

How to add music to the B612 camera?

You have to visit the music app section and then choose the song you want to add to this camera. Next, you have to go to the more section to select add music and then add it to my music. That’s it, and the music will now be available in my music section of the B612 app.

Is B612 available for iPhone?

Yes, B12 is available for free in the official Apple store, and you can go and download it for free. It is safe and free from any virus or any other malware since it is available in the official app store.

What is the minimum Android version required to use B612 comfortable on the device?
To use B612, you need a minimum of android 4. 0. 3 or above, which is much lower than similar apps on the Android platform.

Is the B612 app convenient to use?

The B612 app is available on the official app store for free download, and you can click great selfies with it. If you are looking for a perfect app to click great pictures for your Instagram account, this is the app. Just search for b612 free download, and you can get the app for free to get started.

What is the latest version of B612 available online?

If you want to get the latest version of B612, then search for the B612 version 8. 3. 7. This is the latest version for the Android system and can be used for all the recent features that B612 wants to offer its users.

Can you use filters on B612 app?

Yes definitely, the B612 app was meant for having great filters which can give you great pictures. You can use beautification filters or any other filter that you want. So, go ahead and take advantage of the innumerable number of latest filters available on the B612 app. The application can be used in servers, desktops and laptops to protect from all possible invade and attack viruses. The application authorizes the users to define both the outbound and inbound policies.

You can enable auto-save setting from the setting in the app. It will be turned off by default, but it is a simple process to turn it on.

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