phpMyAdmin and MySQL problem

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I’m new on LEMP,
I Installed Nginx, php72, php72-php-fpm, fastcgi, phpMyAdmin and MySQL.
When i try connect to phpMyAdmin i didnt see anything, i guessed it was MySQL problem. Because when i create phpinfo(); script in phpMyAdmin directory script is working. So it was correct. Then I installed mysql-server manual. But still my phpMyAdmin index.php running but turning blank page. So i guess now my problem; there is no phpMyAdmin webpage’s database. What can i do, can you help me please ?

Thank you :)

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Hi Berat,
Let’s start with a simplest approach, and then slowly let’s get pass to the more complicated ones. I suppose that you haven’t edit any phpmyadmin.conf file or any other files and this is a clean installation, right?

So, 1st of all, try to clear your browser’s cookies, and then try to login one more time (or try with a hard refresh CTRL + F5 windows, command +f5 mac). Check and let me know if you can get the login screen now.

2nd: Find your SQL logs and paste them here.
Your SQL log location depends from the OS that you running on, so check your OS, find the logs, and paste them so we can check this out!

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