SR-22 and Auto Insurance And DUI Convictions

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is an official notice from your auto insurance provider to the state that your necessary vehicle insurance coverage is current. After a DUI arrest and/or conviction, an SR-22 certificate may be required to restore your driving privileges.

What Does SR-22 Mean?

“SR” is another name for Safe Return, according to some non-government websites. It’s also been called “Safety Responsibility,” “State Report,” and “State Requirement.” The 22 is just another government form number, with no real significance.

An SR-22 bond is a filing with the state that documents your financial responsibility and includes a certificate for SR22 insurance in Texas.

What is an SR-22A?

In Georgia, Texas, and Missouri, an SR-22A is a certificate of financial responsibility. It is typically required if someone has violated the SR-22 policy’s conditions on a recurring basis, such as by allowing the SR-22 to lapse and not renewing it in a timely manner.

Auto insurance policies in Georgia and Texas that include an SR-22A certificate must be paid in full six months before they are due. In Missouri, the SR-22A certificate is identical to the SR-22 certification in other states.

What is an FR-44?

An FR-44 is similar to an SR-22 in that it is a financial responsibility certificate you must submit with the state. The FR-44 certificate is only used in the states of Virginia and Florida and is necessary after certain criminal convictions, such as a DUI with an accident.

How Much Does an SR-22 Cost?

In most jurisdictions, the filing of an SR-22 costs about $25. You may be required to pay much more in auto insurance premiums. An SR-22 certificate is required by insurance providers in order to confirm that you are a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers frequently need nonstandard insurance policies because of their elevated risk status. The nonstandard insurance policy cost is usually two to four times what other policies are, and the price often stays this way for several years until the driver has a clean driving record.

How Long Will You Need to Carry an SR-22?

It depends on the offense for which the certificate was originally needed. Your Department of Motor Vehicles may order an SR-22 for three years or until the driver’s license expires. If a motorist is found guilty of driving without a license or insurance, the SR-22 certificate may be required for three years.  Depending on the number of previous DUI convictions, a DUI arrest and/or conviction can result in an SR-22 insurance certificate that lasts for a lifetime.

Do You Still Need an SR-22 if You Don’t Own a Car?

To be eligible for driving privileges in many states, drivers who do not own cars must acquire and maintain a non-owner SR-22 certificate.

Does Every State Use SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 certificates are not required in all states. For more information about your state’s rules, check out our state requirements pages or the website of your state’s licensing agency.

Contact your auto insurance company for more information on certificates of financial responsibility.

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