Windows 10 Tech Support

Windows ten tech support is accessible through the in-built app called contact support. It is available in an extensive catalogue of Windows 10 tutorials. You can also get help from the windows ten forums. Windows 10 is a new updated operating system version from Microsoft which is enabled with the latest features and user-friendly interface. However, whatever new comes in the market, it becomes vital to understand its contact and support system before purchasing. Windows ten licensed copies are available in the new laptops, PC or tablets or are accessible in the market for purchase. If you are using a pirated copy of windows 10, then there is no help which technical support department of windows 10 Microsoft can execute. The service of help and support is attainable only by licensed users.

How many ways are there for tech support?

Windows 10 provide various features of advanced features that will find irresistible by various people. This latest version provides the users with an advanced speedy boot time. The load and boot up swiftness has enhanced extensively over Windows’ forerunners. This is attributable to the improved resource allocations to functions along with the system to a certain extent. When you see the judgment against to Windows 7 monitor CPU, the latest version Windows 10 has an even swiftly boot time. When you log off the system, it becomes like a half –done and incomplete hibernation every time. As soon as you reboot the system, the previous session memory is getting reinitialized more rapidly. Windows 10 tech support is accessible in several types-

  • Via Microsoft- you can avail help through the contact support app built, i.e. built-in windows 10.

  • From PC advisor- extensive catalogue available as Windows 10 tutorials.

  • Independent windows ten forum- here you can request for help, and you will receive answers through windows experts instantly.

Features of Windows 10

Some features are borrowed from its past Windows versions, whereas some are new to alter the technical issues which prevailed in Windows 10. Here are brief points to explain the features of windows 10-

  • Smarter design- The main window display is usually similar to old formats of windows 7 and 8, but its start menu is very attractive than ever before. Cortana is the featured view given to windows ten users.

  • Start menu returns- earlier in Windows 10 start menu was eliminated, and that is why it is again added for a user-friendly approach. Start menu addition was in demand by the users, and it came back on an average petition of the market.

  • No more internet explorer- you are getting Microsoft edge instead of internet explorer as a web browser. This is the major alteration done so far.

  • Multiple desktop options- there is an option for multiple desktops that you can do manually as per your requirement.

  • Notification centre- now you will have access to the windows central notification centre.

  • Multiple features- you are getting Continuum Bridge and universal apps through the windows 10.

How to get help?

Somewhere or the other problem persists when you start using an operating system. If you are having a problem with windows 10, then you can ask for help through Microsoft-
Contact support named help centre panel is provided in the windows ten menu. This is the place where you can search for possible issues with their relevant answers. In any case, the problem you are facing is not mentioned in the support question & answer panel, and then you can use the contact number of Microsoft or email your issue on the given email ID. This method is only recommended for those who are facing big issues. Minute problems can be solved by the windows ten independent forum.

However, enter the search box and click on chat or phone connect options. You will be redirected to the answer desk, and one on one communication platform will be developed with windows ten expert.

Community forum help

This is another way you can get windows ten tech support. You need to click on the call option and request the expert to revert on your problem with a genuine solution. Even you get to know the latest waiting time via this option. When you are going through the windows, ten technical issues at the peak, this option is like a life saviour.

Windows 10 tips and tutorials

This is an extensive window, ten tips and tutorial section. This is suggested to most users who cannot use or have some limited operating system accessibility issues. Simple guidelines, tips and tricks are mentioned in an explanatory format so that you can explore windows ten on your own.

Here are four useful techniques that will help to work faster on Windows 10

  1. Use Security Programs included Within Windows 10 – Windows 10 has built-in security applications called windows defender, instead of using another antivirus that slows down your computer use.

  2. Turn off the unwanted program at startup – Windows 10 allows you to manage the task manager easily. You can disable programs that start with your computer. This way, you can remove the programs that slow down your Windows 10 boot-up process. You can access them through the startup tab in Task Manager and click Disable.

  3. Remove application consuming lots of Resources – With the Windows 10 Task Manager, you can easily find out the applications consuming Ram and CPU resources and slow down your PC. Right-click the desktop taskbar and select Task Manager, Now click more details to see the full interface. Application consuming a lot of resources will be highlighted.

  4. Use Advanced Search – Windows 10 provide very good search functionality. You can filter the search by apps, files, settings etc. place your cursor in the upper right corner, and it will activate the Charms Bar. Select category and type in your search term. You can use built-in hotkeys, for files Use Win + F, for Applications use Win + Q and for settings use Win + W.

Majority of users switched to Windows 10 or 7 for better understanding because they found no answer to queries online for windows 10. But, now such irritant problems will not prevail because so many contact technical support options are available for a general user.

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